Online streaming

Live Video Stream

If you are unable to join us, we now have cameras broadcasting live action around each house.  All you need to do is download the app Hikvision IVMS-4500 on your phone (not available in the blackberry sorry!!!)
After you download the app continue with the following:
Alias: abbotsford
Domain: abbycurling
Username: admin
Password: 12345abc

The cameras are numbered as follows:

Odd Ends

Camera 2: Sheet 1
Camera 4: Sheet 2
Camera 6: Sheet 3
Camera 8: Sheet 4
Camera 10 Sheet 5
Camera 12: Sheet 6

Even Ends

Camera 1: Sheet 1
Camera 3: Sheet 2
Camera 5: Sheet 3
Camera 7: Sheet 4
Camera 9: Sheet 5
Camera 11: Sheet 6
Camera 16 is a view of all sheets looking from the home end.



Someone had indicated that the focus of the wide-angle view of the ice was out of focus on their iPhone. You can adjust the focus as indicated in the figure to the right.

For other issues, please refer to iVMS 4500 manuals

for the iPhone

for the iPad

for android